Yale MUN (17th to 20th January, 2019)

A delegation of five students from Welham Boys’ School participated in the 45th session of Yale Model United Nations conference held at the historic campus of Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA. The conference was attended by nearly 1500 delegates from all across the world who came together to discuss pressing global issues such as humanitarian crises and conflicts and wars.Within their respective committees, the WBS delegates presented their opinion through speeches, helped draft resolution and learnt new strategies to form a group of allies to support their proposals.

At Yale, a guided tour was organised for the students to get a glimpse of life of a student at the widespread campus. The delegation also enrolled for a tour of the Yale Art Gallery where they were guided how to spend time appreciating various forms of art.

The delegation visited New York where they were given a guided tour of the United Nations headquarters. One could read the wonder and awe on their faces as they stepped into the hall where the General Assembly convened. Later, in Brooklyn, the group tried their hands at graffiti and walked through the streets admiring the work of graffiti artists on the walls of this borough.The students attended a theatre workshop and visited Times Square, Grand Central subway station, Statue of Liberty and the Central Park.

At Washington, the delegation connected with American history and politics through a guided tour of the various monuments like the Washington Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Martin Luther King Memorial, the Korean War Memorial and the Vietnam War Memorial. The group was excited to walk around the fence of the White House and enjoyed a guided tour of the various chambers inside the Capitol Hill.

Names of student delegates: Arshpreet Dang, HitendraHooda, KabirFarkiwala, VanshajTandon , and Vishal Kumar

Teacher Escort: Ms. Rakhee