Visit to National Museum and Parliament 2020

The Department of Social Science organized a visit to The National Museum and The Parliament, New Delhi on the 4th March, 2020. The students of Grade XII– Humanitieswere escorted by Mr. O. P. Prasad and Mr. Amit Kumar. The group was excited for the educational excursion and admiredthe huge museum. Students could easily relate the CBSE History curriculum with the exhibits at the museum.Hence, they found theNational Museum interesting since there were various artefacts and paintings that they had been studying and had seen their pictures in their text books. The group had a guided tour of various galleries and they were provided valuable information.For about two hours the group had an enriching experience and enjoyed the stories shared bythe enthusiasticguide. Post the visit of the various galleries of the National Museum, the group left for the Parliament.



After a series of verifications and security checks at the Parliament Housethegroup reached the Lok Sabha gallery for the post lunch session at 2pm. At about 1:50pm,several members of Parliament walked in to take their seats, including the Finance Minister MrsNiramalaSitaraman. Ms. MeenakshiLekhi chaired the session in absence of speaker.Students were delighted to sit in the legislative house and eagerly waited for the proceedings to commence.However, they were surprised to see the disruption of the proceeding of the Parliament by the members of the opposition, who were shouting slogans and crowding around the Chairperson andwere demanding for the resignation of the Prime Minister and the Home Minister. Unfortunately, theHouse had to be adjourned as it was actually becoming difficult to proceed further. The adjournment took place at about 2:30pm and we had to vacate the public gallery. The students were enthralled to witness themassive structure and architecture of the Parliament House and were in awe of the life size statues of few leaders of nationalism and members of Constituent Assembly.Overall, theeducational visit was an enriching and enlightening experience for the students.