Investiture Ceremony - 2020

The Investiture Ceremony is one of the most sacrosanct events at Welham wherein a student is entrusted with the onerous responsibility of leading the school and being part of the prefectorial body. The Investiture Ceremony  is a ceremony which instills both hope and nostalgia in a welhamite as we see the outgoing prefects leave behind their legacies and good work and also the new prefects aspiring to do even better.

This year, the Investiture Ceremony was held on the 3rd February. The presiding officer Brigadier Madhusudhan  graced us with his august presence at the ceremony. He talked about the balance between duties and responsibilities of a leader.
The Investiture Ceremony instigated optimism and aspiration in the Welham fraternity for the upcoming academic year.

The following prefectorial body took the office this year:-

  • School Captain - Sannidhya Agarwal
  • Sports Captain - Zaid Ahmed
  • Academics Captain - Harsh Vikram Singh
  • Round Square President - Vatsal Goel
  • Cauvery House Captain - Jatin Dahiya
  • Cauvery House Prefect - Divyansh Gupta
  • Ganga House Captain - Pulkit Joshi
  • Ganga House Prefect - Sanshray Ghorawat
  • Jamuna House Captain - Prakhar Dixit
  • Jamuna House Prefect - Sai Sharan Vats
  • Krishna House Captain - Raghav Kathuria
  • Krishna House Prefect - Hiten Garg