Sahastradhara Field Trip

The Department of Social Science organised a field trip to ‘Sahastradhara’ for the students of grade VII. A group of 79 students with 06 staff members left for the field trip on 20th Feb, 2020 as part of ‘Know Your Habitat’ activity .The group was accompanied by the resource person Mr. Ajay Sharma. On reaching Sahastradhara, the students were lined up in fours and a quick briefing was given regarding the objective of this trip and the code of conduct. All students were very excited as they appreciated the scenic beauty of the place surrounded by the hills of the Shivalik range. Mr. Ajay Sharma guided all students to the right bank of the river walking past the numerous shops which were selling snacks, refreshment and souvenirs of all sorts. The students were apprised about the significance of the place and they also visited the Shiva temple that was almost 300 years old. They understood the scientific and religious aspect of the place and the fact why this place was called ‘Sahastradhara’. It was due to the hills that were made of limestone and so they have a high absorption of water which after some time is released in the form of thousands of drops. They were finally taken to the sulphur water spring where Mr. Sharma explained the importance of the medicinal use of the water to the students. Overall it was an enriching experience.