Report 82nd Founders

Three-day celebrations involving a host of events and activities marked the 82nd Founders' at Welham Boys’ School, Dehradun. Students of the junior as well as senior sections of the school participated in competitions and cultural events with enthusiasm and verve. A book exhibition and carnival saw parents, too, joining in with their wards. A theatre festival saw plays staged by students of different classes. Students of the junior school presented a musical performance ‘All Shook Up’, which was a juxtaposition of Elvis Presley’s songs and Shakespearean plot, comprising quintessential elements of confusion about people falling in love, getting lost in a forest and dancing in Presley's style. Another highlight of the show was a play based on Sherlock Holmes, ‘The Legend of Baker Street’, directed by Tathagata Chowdhury, Founder, Theatrecian.

The highlight of the cultural evening was a thrilling performance by renowned musicians Shankar, Ehsan and Loy. Welham Boys' School seems to be perennially running on high octane. The students are making headlines for their sporting and extra-curricular activities, while the old boys seem intent on setting the stage on fire. The batch of 1994, in an act quite akin to pulling the white bunny out of a hat, produced not one but four rock stars by getting the mercurial Bollywood music group of Shankar-Eshan-Loy to perform in their alma mater and also share the stage with the legendary Gulzar Saab. In the setting chill of a Dehradun evening, the band led by Shankar Mahadevan soon had students, teachers, parents and invited guests dancing in the aisles as they sang out a variety of 'Gulzar' tracks. For the trio from Mumbai, it was an honour for them to perform in front of the Oscar winning song writer and lyricist.

On the 30th, we welcomed Gulzaar Sahib, famous lyricist at the formal Founder’s Assembly in the Activity Centre. He congratulated the school on its 82nd Founders and advised the students to be proud of their alma mater driving home the point that discipline and punctuality that you learn in school holds you in good stead throughout your life. Earlier in the evening, the principal, WBS, Dr. GunmeetBindra while reading the annual report of the school, in her inimitable style, spoke about the achievements of the school. Chairman, Board of Governors, WBS Mr. Darshan Singh also addressed the school where he talked about the importance of cleanliness and waste segregation. His speech was followed by the School Captain's address who fondly recounted his years at Welham and the enriching experiences that shaped him.