IPSC Seminar on Youth Leadership, 'Youth in Exploration of Leadership Development' (Y.I.E.L.D)-2019

The Doon School and Welham Boys' School jointly hosted a pioneering IPSC Seminar on Youth Leadership, titled 'Youth in Exploration of Leadership Development' (Y.I.E.L.D) from 19th July 2019 to 21st July 2019. Student leaders from 16 participating Schools converged to understand how similar were the challenges they faced despite the diversity in their environments. The three days of engagement mixed an eclectic set of activities comprising engaging discussions, hands on activities and problem solving using case studies. They understood the need to move from the established power, privilege and punishment model to curiosity, compassion and collaboration model.

The workshop was a trailblazer in terms of IPSC events as it highlighted the importance of collaboration and dissolved the idea of competition encouraging participants to be courageous in exposing their vulnerabilities.

The student leaders bid adieu with a set of well deliberated plans to be put to action during their tenure. Student look forward to workshops of this nature which will surely have a ripple effect on the community they are part of.