Science Workshop

The department of Science had organised a workshop on 20 and 21 April, ‘19.

This workshop was attended by the students of grades 6 and 7.The objective of the workshop was to provide an inquiry based Science environment and to bridge the curiosity gap. It is observed that students learn Science better by actively engaging in its practices, including conducting investigations, making models and sharing ideas with their peers.

The resource person, Mr Jyoti Parruck, is passionate about teaching Science, particularly in a fun, engaging and hands-on way. Students enjoyed themselves making paddle boats and toys to study the different types of joints.

The process of digestion was explained by testing starch and the action of saliva on starch, setting up of an electric circuit and showing the passage of current through an LED. Students made a basic form of robot and they made a wiggle bot. The students were engaged in every activity and, in the process, understood the concepts which they found very interesting. It was amazing to see them engaged in making their models and the pride they took in their own achievements.