Orchestra Report

The Department of Music, put up a special music presentation for our honoured guest, the Duchess of Fragnito, Ms. Patricia Gail Maude Roxby Montaldo Di, on the 22nd of March 2019. The occasion was also graced by the Chairman, Mr. Darshan Singh, Members of the Board and Principal, Ma’am Bindra.

The musical presentation was an interesting blend of the western and Indian styles of music. It began with the signature theme of the much loved James Bond movies which was played on the western instruments.

This piece then blended quite effortlessly into Raag Charukeshi which was played on the Indian melodic instruments. Thereafter, the singers took the forefront with a foot tapping rendition of the taraana that rose to a crescendo, from which

point the percussionists came to the fore with a rhythmic improvisation of the four- four beat. The sound of music, thus created, finally brought together the fusion of the east and the west to a beautiful and harmonious musical conclusion!