EOT Letter June 2018

14th June 2018

Dear Parent,

While I hope that you are enjoying the summer break with your children, which is not even halfway through, I am already missing their bubbling presence on campus and looking forward to welcoming them back; all of us refreshed and with our batteries re-charged to take on the rigours of yet another term - Autumn 2018. “Escape the Ordinary” - the theme of the International Round Square Conference, held at Welham Boys’ in January, set the tone for the Spring Term 2018.

I am happy that my focus on curriculum transaction has borne fruit with a large number of students excelling at the recent Board Examinations. A quick look at the results will bear out my claim. At the Class X level, of the 80 students who appeared, 39 students scored 90% and above, the toppers being Devansh Agrawal with 98.2%, Jayan Pahuja with 98.0%, and Shrey Tibrewal and Devraj Singhania with 97.6% each. 11 students, namely Shrey Tibrewal, Jayan Pahuja, Devraj Singhania, Gurnoor Singh, Vivek Agarwal, Arya Mitra, Shaurya Bansal, Pavit Singh Kapoor, Rohan Kumar Gupta, Piyush Daga and Shrey Agarwal scored a perfect 100 in Mathematics. Jayan Pahuja, Devansh Agrawal, Shresth Toshniwal and Vivek Agarwal achieved the same feat in Social Studies, while Pradutt Ramesh did the same in English and Shresth Toshniwal in Foundation of IT.

At the Class XII level, 26 out of 62 students scored 90% and above. The toppers are Swapnil Mittal, (Commerce stream) scoring 98.25%, Samarth Agarwal (Science stream) scoring 97.5% and Adhiraj Bhagat,( Humanities stream) scoring 95.75%. All of them did us proud as also did Raghav Agarwal and Rachit Goel, who scored 97.75%, respectively. 100% marks were scored by Samarth Agarwal and Kabir Madan in English, Adhiraj Bhagat and Shreshtth Jain in Political Science, Harshit Verma in Painting, Anant Agarwal in Music and Rachit Goel in Economics.

I take this opportunity to extend my heartiest congratulations to all these students who have excelled in the Examinations. I renew my pledge to continue furthering our academic performance with even greater focus on curriculum transaction. This, true to our spirit and ethos, will happen along with all our other co-curricular engagements.

Some of the notable co-curricular engagements in the term gone by were the enthralling Santoor, Piano and Wind instrument concerts, workshops on etiquette, debating, MUN etc., some inspiring addresses by illustrious speakers, exchange programmes with boys from Germany, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, South Africa and the United States of America, a student action research workshop, inspired by IBSC (International Boys’ Schools Coalition) with Dr. Dianne Laycock, Senior Librarian at the The King’s School, Sydney as the resource person and of course, a plethora of Inter-house competitions and Inter-school events.

You will be pleased to know that Welham Boys’ School is now officially recognized as a TedX Youth Centre. We are proud to be formally a part of an international community that organizes and showcases speakers presenting great, well-informed ideas in under 18 minutes. The School looks forward to hosting these talks in the coming term.

Basketball still reigns supreme in our hearts as once again we lifted the coveted Afzal Khan Basketball Trophy at the Doon School. Thus, our expectations from our boys are justifiably on the rise as they meet every benchmark we set for them. We have worked hard to design a programme of MLL (Minimum Level of Learning) in every sphere of their life at Welham, be it academics, sports, CCAs and all else. Heralding another fresh initiative, in this coming term, the midterm trips will be CCA based - an initiative to give the boys an opportunity to immerse in what their chosen CCA has to offer.

Recognising and re-emphasising the need for parents to engage and involve themselves in activities of the School, I invite you once again to be a part of your son’s life at WBS. I had mentioned in my Scholars’ Recognition address during the Spring Festival, that it is our conscious effort to encourage parents’ involvement and assured you that there will be a number of opportunities for the same. To begin with, you can participate in the ‘Saturday Night Fever’, singing to the School, a song of your choice, with your son. I wish to document my appreciation for those parents who have always responded to my call for a direct involvement and eagerly look forward to many more ‘joining the band’. We will welcome more ideas of a similar nature from you (you can write to me on the School email id, (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and I would be really happy to see more active and robust School-Parent-Student partnerships.

Working with them towards a social cause also has manifold advantages... both tangible and non-tangible. Empathy for fellow humans, the concern for our environment, these are value systems that are more easily inherited rather than taught! As you all are perhaps aware, the School is whole heartedly participating in the Behtar India programme. The three tools of this programme are

(i) inculcating recycling as a habit, beginning with paper and e-waste,

(ii) identifying an unclean public area in one’s city and cleaning it up and

(iii) spreading Dengue awareness and providing Dengue Protection Kit to under-privileged children. I invite you to join hands with us in this Campaign, creating a positive sensitizing impact on all our boys. After all, contributing to the all-round development of children is the shared privilege and responsibility of parents and teachers.

Before signing off, I, on behalf of our Chairman, Mr. Darshan Singh, and all of us at Welham Boys’ wish you an exciting, engaging and meaningful summer break with your children.

God bless!
Dr. Gunmeet Bindra