Boarding life at Welham provides a secure and supportive environment for students. The comfortable accommodation and vibrant environment in the hostels gives the students a sense of home and a feeling of belonging.

On joining, the boys settle into a busy and rewarding routine. The hostel is an extension of home, providing warmth and opportunities for students to grow into individual personalities. The boarding school very soon becomes the students’ second home.

The friendships made in the boarding school environment are strong and long lasting.

A very well trained and experienced team of Housemasters, Housemothers and Tutors supervise and facilitate the students' learning process of becoming self reliant.

The Tutor is a bridge between a child’s academic and boarding life. Tutors and tutees sit together for meals, conduct regular meetings and travel together for Mid- Term Excursions. A Tutor is truly a foster parent, and is involved with all facets of a tutee’s life, devoting time towards his happiness and well being.