Being an important component of the Round Square Conference network of international schools, Welham Boys' School sent a group of five students to Bengaluru to take part in the Conference this year. A group of five students- Khatwang Gupta, Vansh Dugar, Shlok Garg, Vedant Singh and Devansh Saini escorted by Mr. Samir Dhingra, participated in the Round Square Conference hosted by Sarla Birla Academy, Bengaluru from October 12th -14th, 2018.

Thirteen schools from all over the country took part in the conference. Of the six pillars which form the foundation of a conference, it was 'ENVIRONMENT' that was the theme of this conference and the motto was LET'S CHANGE OURSELVES, NOT NATURE,

The key-note speaker for the morning was Mr Suresh Heblikar, a Kannada filmmaker, director and actor, whose contributions in the field of environment have been extraordinarily praiseworthy. Emphazing on the three R's –REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE, he advised students to be pioneers in saving our precious environment in ways more than one.

All the students participated enthusiastically in a plethora of well planned activities like campus tour, trek to an ancient temple, cleanliness drive, art workshop, yoga and zumba sessions, workshop on waste management, feeding and nourishing the soil, National Park Safari and an exciting treasure hunt, spread over the three days. Needless to say, the conference proved to be a wholesome experience for the students not only in terms of forging new friendships but also in inculcating in them important life lessons of team building, knowledge of biodiversity, imminent need for sustainable development and love for Mother Nature.

The three activity filled days were a great learning experience for everyone and one can easily sum up the overall message of the conference in Ernest Hemingway's words- 'THE EARTH IS A FINE PLACE AND WORTH FIGHTING FOR'.

Round Square Trek and Adventure Camp "Novaturient"-Daly College, Indore

Daly College, Indore organized a Round Square Trek and Adventure Camp "Novaturient" from 17th to 21st October, 2018. The theme of the event was ”Novaturient" which means 'A Desire to Alter Your Life'. Seventeen schools participated in this Round Square conference.

Nine students from Welham Boys' School, namely, Aryaman Yadav VII C, Anjishnu Avi VII C, Arjun Prasad VII A, Suryansh Didwana VII B, Vatsal Goel VII B, Kartik Goyal VII A, Kabir Shobhit VI C, Shashwat Ranjan VI A and Tanay Pratap VI A went to participate in this event with the teacher escort, Mr. Brajendra Srivastava. Students participated in Baraza Sessions and participated in many adventure games like Wall Climbing, Rappelling, Flying Fox, Land Zorb, Water Roller and Water Zorb. Students Joined Yoga sessions and they also learned the 'rope knot'. The students enjoyed and participated in the cultural programme. They also met two young renowned Mount Everest climbers Mr. Ratnesh Pandey and Ms. Deeya Bajaj, who shared their experiences with the boys.

Our students visited Mandu. Mandu is a fort city which is known for its Indian and Afghan architectural heritage. The students visited Jahaj Mahal, Hindola Mahal, Jami Masjid, Darya Khan's Tomb, Baz Bahadur's Palace, Roopmati's Pavilion, Hoshang Shah's Tomb and Neelkanth Mahadev Temple. In Mandu students stayed in tents. They went to Malipura Dam for trekking. This event helped students to learn about adventurous life, how to handle critical situation, how to stay with unknown people and make new friends. This was a good exposure and a knowledgeable experience for the students. The senior authorities of Daly College and others praised our students for their good performance.

Genesis Global School - Round Square

Round Square Conferences being very close to the heart of Welhamites, always inspires them to participate whenever an opportunity arises. It provides students enriching experiences to discuss, practice and live the ideals of the Round Square.

One such Conference was held at Genesis Global School, Noida from 27th May to 30th May, 2018. The theme of the Conference was “People, Purpose, and Passion: A Spectrum of Opportunities”. Three students of class XII, along with a staff member attended the same.  The focus was “Reducing Inequalities”.  The topics of discussions at the Barazza sessions revolved and evolved around the major inequalities – Social and Economic. The social inequalities stressed on empathizing, and not sympathizing, with the people with special needs.  The guest speakers especially the keynote speaker, Mr. Shreyansh Bhandari shared his personal experiences. He talked about his pet project, which was making slippers out of worn out sports shoes.

The service projects to various institutions sensitized the delegates to be compassionate. The adventure activities and cultural evening were welcomed by all.

Overall, the Conference was a good learning experience for the students.


The Globally Accessible Round Square Conference for younger students took place at Regent’s International School, Bangkok from the 6th to the 10th of April, 2018. The theme of the conference was "Discover More", and all the activities, as well as sessions, were centered on the discovery framework of the Round Square.

A group of 5 boys from classes VII & VIII were escorted to this conference by Ms. Anita Joshi. It was an enriching experience and one that will be remembered fondly for a long time to come. The students were housed in the school itself, while the staff was staying in a nearby hotel. As the dining hall in the school could not accommodate all the students at one time, boys and girls ate breakfast separately.

On the 7th of April, the Opening Ceremony took place in the evening. It was a solemn affair with distinguished speakers, including Mr. Rod Fraser, Chairman of Round Square. This was followed by the "Discovery Dash", which was an attempt to introduce staff to the twelve attributes of Round Square. There were 12 activities, one representing each attribute. The twelve attributes are Self Awareness, Commitment to Sustainability, Ability to Solve Problems, Inquisitiveness, Appreciation for Diversity, Teamwork Skills, Compassion, Courage, Sense of Responsibility, Tenacity, Communication Skills and Inventiveness. After lunch there was a Barraza session and the Conference picture was taken with all the participating delegates. In the evening a battle of bands took place and there was an open mic night, where several aspiring singers entertained the delegates with their talent.

The second day was billed as the "Culture Day at Sampran." Everyone boarded buses and made the 40 minute journey to Sampran Riverside, a lovely resort on the outskirts of Bangkok. For the morning session, delegates were divided into twelve groups and assigned to one workshop each. Students got to try their hands at different arts and crafts. For lunch there was a scrumptious international buffet. After lunch the delegates were given some free time at the resort to explore and do some souvenir shopping. Then came the cultural evening. Each school presented a brief item, and it was appreciated and applauded by one and all.

The next day was an extremely satisfying one. It was the service day. Groups were sent to various destinations such as Good Shepherd Sisters, Central Thailand Mission, Mercy Centre, Amnesty International, Paper Rangers and several others. It was lovely to look beyond oneself and be of use to someone else. It left the delegates with a deep sense of gratitude. Then there was the late night social from 8 to 11 pm.

The Closing Ceremony was held the next morning. This Conference gave exposure to a multicultural environment, and helped broaden horizons.

After the Closing Ceremony, came a day and a halfs tour of Pattaya. On the whole, it was a wonderful trip, both the Conference and the tourism.

Round Square Conferene 18'

Founded in 1966, Round Square is a global network of forward looking schools in 50 countries, spread across six continents that share a passion for experiential learning and character education.

The Round Square approach is built around six IDEALS of learning: Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership and Service. These ideals are integral to an individual’s growth and important to create empathetic and globally aware citizens. Round Square focuses on these ideals because it believes that education shouldn’t be limited to academic excellence and students must be encouraged to understand and embrace the similarities and differences between different races and cultures. A sense of communal harmony and tolerance is thus inculcated in the young minds. Round Square believes that learning is most effective when it is practical, cross-cultural and collaborative, and when it is infused through a broad spectrum of inter, extra and co-curricular activities. Being a chain of collaborative schools, it aims at the same goals for all its students; each school shares and benefits from other’s ideas, methods and experiences. With such a large network, Round Square reaches out to hundreds and thousands of students and helps them develop as intelligent citizens.

Welham Boys’ School is an active member of the Round Square community. The school hosted a young Global Round Square Conference in January 2018,which was attended by highly reputed personalities such as Mrs. Papri Ghosh, Mrs. Bubbles Sandhu and Miss Katie. The theme of the conference was ‘Escape the Ordinary’ and had keynote speakers like Mrs. Dia Mirza and Dr. Anand Gokani. Both the speakers shared interesting perspectives with the delegates and taught them the importance of values such as hard work, initiating tasks etc. Participants had some fruitful barazza sessions throughout the Conference in which they shed some light on how to ‘Escape the Ordinary’.The students also had a chance to learn about different cultures as there was participation from various parts of the globe.

Welham Boys’ engages in all the IDEALS of Round Square. It has a democratic voting procedure for electing the student prefects, every academic term the students experience the thrill of adventure by visiting picturesque valleys of the state and they trek for a few days; to promote environmentalism we have hobbies like the Nature Club, Campus Cleaning and Paper Recycling. Lastly, the School aims at being an active contributor to society by organizing service programs such as Each One Teach One, in which the students get the opportunity to teach the ones deprived of basic amenities. The School also contributes to the NDTV Behtar India initiative.