School Rules

  • 1. Terms

    Dates of opening and closing of terms are announced well in advance. All parents are required to strictly adhere to these dates. Boys are expected to return to School in uniform and with a proper haircut. A detailed note on journey arrangements is sent to all parents. The School will NOT be able to make any travel arrangements if parents do not inform before the due dates – 30th September for the Autumn term and 20th March for the Spring term. Boys who do not turn up on time for the re-opening of term without a valid reason, run the risk of not being allowed to attend School for the rest of the term, or being held back at the beginning of the vacation.

  • 2. Admission

    • Entry is in Class IV,Class V,Class VI and Class VII. Vacancies in other classes are rare.
    • Registration for all classes, except X and XII, are accepted.
    • Registration does not guarantee admission.
    • The registration fee is neither transferable nor refundable.
    • Registrations close 15 days prior to the date of the admission test.
    • Admission dates are notified on the School website.
    • Admissions to all classes are based on the Entrance Test.
    • Boys are tested in English, Hindi, Mathematics and Life Skills.
    • Boys who qualify in the written test are called for an interaction along with the parents. Both parents must attend.
    • The final list of candidates is declared on a specified date (usually a week) after the interaction.
    • The decision of the Admission Committee will be final.
    • Age specifications as on the 1st of April of the year of joining are as follows:

      Class IV: Between 8 years to 9 years
      Class VII: Between 11 years to 12 years
      Class XI: Between 15 years to 16 years
  • 3. Fees

    • Fees become due twice in a year, on the first day of the reopening of the School after the Summer and the Winter vacations, in two instalments. In any event, all dues must be paid on or before the School reopens after the vacation. All dues must be paid in full. Payments in instalments are not acceptable. In case of fee defaulters, the School will have to take the extreme option of sending the boys home if bills are not paid on time.
    • The fees currently in force is as per the Fees Schedule attached to the School Prospectus. The School Management is at liberty to revise the fee structure at any time.
    • Security Deposit: Security deposit, equivalent to fees for one term, is charged at the time of admission and adjusted or refunded (on demand)when the boy leaves School. Any security deposit lying unclaimed for a period of more than three years after the boy has left School, will be forfeited in favour of the School.
    • Any other Government Tax/Cess shall be borne by the parents.
    • No fees will be refunded and will stand forfeited in favour of the School if the student is unable to complete his schooling during a term for any reason other than medical grounds.
    • Full term fee would be charged for all admissions during the term and similarly for all outgoing students during any term. This includes the Board examination classes.
  • 4. Withdrawals

    • Boys who do not make any progress, may be asked to leave.
    • Admission to class XI, of the boys who have finished class X from the School , is not guaranteed and the School exercises the right not to readmit a boy into class XI on the basis of his Academic/Disciplinary/Health record. Choice of subjects for the students promoted from grade X to XI shall be based on the evaluation of skills and aptitude in the relevant subjects. The School’s decision in this regard is final and binding.
    • Boys caught cheating, bullying or bringing disrepute to the School by/through any form of unacceptable behaviour, will be expelled. The Principal’s decision in these matters is final.
    • Parents who wish to withdraw their boy must give a written notice of their intention to the Principal.
    • No charges will be made in case the letter intimating the intention to withdraw reaches us before the dates specified below:
    • Before the 15th of June (for the Autumn term)
    • Before 30th of December (for the Spring term)
    • Half term fee will be charged if the letter intimating the intention to withdraw reaches the School:
    • After 15th June but before the reopening of the School (for Autumn term) and
    • after 30th December but before the reopening of the School (for Spring term).
    • Full term fee will be charged if the boy is withdrawn after School reopens.
  • 5. Leaving the School

    Whenever a student leaves School or passes out from School, his belongings must be collected within one month of leaving, failing which, the School authorities shall be free to dispose of/donate the same.

  • 6. Outings

    The Outings will be as per the School Calendar or the School Circulars. Outing time is 9:00am - 6:00pm. However, parents coming to take their ward for an Outing must pick him up latest by 10:30a.m. Also, parents coming to return the students to the School are not allowed to enter the School premises and the students must be left at the entry gate ensuring the registration of their ward's entry with the security. However, if parents /guardians wish to visit/meet the Housemaster/any Teacher, they can do so in the morning hours when the student is picked up and preferably by prior appointment.

    Outing on Festival days will strictly be a "Home Out". This means that only the parent or authorized guardian possessing the School’s valid identity card can take the boy out, or where this is not possible, the School may arrange for boys in groups to visit the appropriate place of worship.

    Outings, including Lunch Outings on birthdays that fall on weekdays are strictly NOT allowed.
    No outing is allowed on a Sunday/holiday that falls prior to an exam.


    Parents/grandparents wishing to take their wards for an Outing must give a minimum of four clear days’ notice to the Housemaster/Housemother/Warden concerned.
    Parents/grandparents/guardians will be permitted to enter the School premises only if they possess a valid identity card issued by the School authorities.

  • 7. Night Out

    • Parents will be allowed one "flexible" Night Out each term. This Night Out will be decided by the parent and it can be taken at any time during the term, provided, of course, that there is no clash with the School curriculum.
    • In addition, for any one religious festival or other occasion, one extra Night Out will be available to the parent during the calendar year.

    If this extra night out is taken in the Spring term, then it can either be clubbed with the flexible Night Out of the Spring Term, thus making two consecutive Night Outs, or taken separately. The same is possible in the Autumn term also.

    To sum up, a total of three Night Outs are possible during the calendar year. All three can be taken separately, or they can be clubbed together in one of the two terms, leaving one for the remaining term.


    Request for Night Out must reach the Principal at least a week in advance.
    There will be no mandatory Night Out after the Spring Festival, as was the practice earlier. Parents may or may not choose to avail of a Night Out after the Spring Festival.

  • 8. Rules For Visiting Boys

    Boys are allowed to meet only those visitors whose names have been advised by parents to the School and who possess a valid identity card issued by the School authorities. Boys are not permitted visitors on weekdays. Visitors may meet their wards with permission of the HOUSEMASTER/HOUSEMOTHER/WARDEN between 9 am – 11 am only on the Outing days. In case of an emergency, the visitor must obtain prior permission from the Principal/Vice-Principal/Dean of Students Welfare or the Housemaster/Housemother /Warden first. Action will be taken against boys who meet visitors without permission. Visitors must leave the Campus by 11:00 am

  • 9.Visitors' Cars

    No vehicles are permitted inside the Campus except in the specified area i.e. Indus Gate. The School takes a very serious view of parents allowing their children to drive without a license. Any boy caught driving without appropriate papers will be dealt with in an appropriate manner, even if the incident should occur during the vacations.

  • 10. Food/Any Other Item

    No form of food/beverage from outside or any other item e.g. deodorants, perfumes, clothes, etc. should be brought inside the School premises. Tuck or any other item found in the possession of a child will be confiscated. Only non video portable music players are permitted. For birthday parties, the School makes arrangements for cakes etc. Parents/Visitors are strictly forbidden from bringing any form of food items to the School campus.

    Any parcel/packet/baggage transported by a visitor/student will be inspected at the gates by the authorized Staff and Security Personnel. Parents are advised not to enter into any altercation with the guards. Should there be some area of differences, do contact the appropriate authority.

  • 11. Health

    Many parents do not return medical certificates, duly completed, at the end of the vacation. The School will need to quarantine a boy if he returns to School after the vacation without a doctor’s fitness certificate. Also, boys who need spectacles must bring their prescriptions and a spare pair of glasses. The submission of false medical certificates, including those for the purpose of taking leave, may attract expulsion.

  • 12. Dress Code

    • Boys are not permitted to keep HOME CLOTHES with them in their Room/Dormitory since no home clothes are to be worn during term time. However, boys are allowed to bring two pairs of blue jeans and yellow T-shirts, which will be deposited with the Housemother/Warden and can only be worn during Journeys/Mid-term breaks.
    • Only School night suits are to be used as nightwear and these will only be worn inside the Dormitory/Room.
    • For Dinner:
      (i) Summer: Whites (Kurta-Pyjama or shirt and trousers) with footwear provided by the school.
      (ii) Winter: Blazer, brown trousers, tie and School shoes. No other form of dress is allowed for Dinner.
    • For Sunday/holidays: Only games clothes (Games shirt or T-shirt/white T-shirt and shorts above knee and games shoes issued by the School). Track suits are also permitted during winters.
    • For School functions
      (i) Day time: School Dress
      (ii) Evening: Kurta-Pyjama/whites or the School uniform, as decided.
      (iii) For any function outside the School, boys must wear the School uniform.
    • For Mid-Term/Picnics/Night Out with Tutors/Homeward and Schoolward Journeys: School blue jeans and yellow T-shirt
  • 13. Expensive Items

    Boys are not allowed to bring any expensive personal items/gadgets such as i-pods, cameras, memory storage devices (CD/USB device) with them. In case a boy brings any expensive gadget with him, the School cannot be held responsible for its safety. No electrical devices/appliances are to be brought to School by the boys. These will be confiscated. In case any student brings a camera for Photography or mid-term break, he must deposit the same with his Housemaster/Housemother.

  • 14. Unauthorised Accounts

    Parents are advised not to open any account for their wards with any establishment in Dehra Dun. If a boy is found with such an account, severe disciplinary action will be taken

  • 15. Cash

    Boys are not allowed to keep money with them. In case they have money, it must be handed over to the Housemasters at the beginning of the term.

  • 16. Mobile Phones

    The possession and use of mobile phones is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If caught, the phone will be confiscated and will not be returned. Possession of mobile phones will lead to stringent disciplinary action including expulsion.

    Visitors are advised not to let any boy use their mobile phones, except their own ward, while on the campus, under any circumstance

  • 17. Rest Hour

    No boy should be seen outside the Dormitory during rest hour, especially in the summer.

  • 18. Hospital

    Boys admitted in the School hospital, are not permitted to leave the Hospital premises without the Doctor’s permission. If a boy falls ill during an outing with the Parents/Guardians, the School Hospital must be informed and unless there is an emergency, the boy must be brought back to the School for an examination by the School Doctor.

    Medical leave is permitted only if the child is referred to an outstation Specialist. The Resident Medical Officer will only grant medical leave after the parents submit the "Medical Leave Application" available in the School Hospital.

    In Hospital, students will adhere to the specified dress code -night suit/Hospital uniform/kurta-payjama.

  • 19. Bath

    All games must be concluded before Bath time and it is mandatory for everyone to bathe before Evening Prep.

  • 20. Security

    • On the Outing days parents and students are allowed to take exeats only from the Oliphant Gate and before leaving, must make the requisite entry in the Register/Finger Print Reading machine at the gate. However, on their return, they can enter from either, the Jubilee or the Oliphant Gates. Parents are however, not allowed to enter the School when dropping their wards back after their Outing.
    • Parents/Guardians/Visitors are requested not to bring armed guards inside the Campus.
    • All gates are under CCTV surveillance.
  • 21. Religious Festivals

    The School is strictly secular, and does not allow the observance of any religious rituals or practices that may interfere with the day to day life of the School. The Principal’s decision in these matters is final. Also, the display of religious posters or similar material in the dormitories, classrooms or indeed any place on the School campus (other than private residences) is strictly forbidden.

    However, students are free to practice their "BELIEFS" off campus (under parental supervision). This will be permitted during term time in accordance with the time permitted off campus as per School Rules.

  • 22. Environment Code

    The School is a "Tobacco Free Zone" and visitors are requested NOT to bring/consume any form of tobacco on the School premises. The School has been declared a "Plastic Free Zone" and the use of plastic on the Campus is strictly forbidden. Visitors are requested NOT to bring any plastic into the Campus.

  • 23. Honesty Code

    Cheating in the examination is treated as an act of dishonesty and the School takes a very serious view of such cases. Any student found cheating shall be awarded a zero and shall be under strict observation. However, repetition of any such act shall result in expulsion from the School. Cases of plagiarism too will be treated as "Cheating".

    Important Note:

    The Principal’s decision in all disciplinary matters is final and binding.

    The School Rules are subject to revision from time to time.