Our History

Ms Oliphant

Founder of Welham Boys' School

Welham Boys’ School started life as Welham Preparatory School way back in 1937, when Ms. Oliphant invested her humble capital and started the School in a rented building, which she called White House. Later, she rented another building Bethany that today is our dining hall.

The first problem was that of finance and this was temporarily overcome when Ms. Oliphant’s mother offered her daughter financial assistance. Though the capital from her mother was by no means large, it was adequate to start the school, and of great sentimental value as it came from Welham, Ms. Oliphant’s childhood village. It was perhaps the same sentimental attachment that inspired her to name the school after her village.

In the year 1920, Ms. Oliphant came to India. From Delhi, she moved to Dehradun, a quiet town nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas. It was here that she resolved to start a preparatory school. The town had a pleasant climate and idyllic surroundings, and was an ideal place for children to grow up.

The first boy joined the School on 15th January 1937. By 1938, there were thirty boarders and twenty day scholars. In 1941, class V was introduced. With the outbreak of the Second World War, numbers rose steadily and Welham found itself on a strong footing. In the early forties, the first school banner was carried at the School Games March Past. It bore the motto-‘From Strength to Strength’.

In the succeeding years, Welham came to be recognized as a preparatory School and acquired several buildings and many more children. The School ensured that the children acquired a sound foundation in English. The boys’ individual requirements were attended to and talents explored. There was plenty of scope for self expression in drawing, painting, clay modeling, carpentry and craft.

In 1956, Ms. Oliphant donated all her assets to Welham Boys’ School Society which is presently administered by a Board of Trustees. Thanks to her vision and the efforts of the Principals who succeeded her, the School has carved a niche for itself in the world of school education. The preparatory school she founded was elevated to the Plus Two stage of Secondary School education in 1985. The vintage buildings and the playing fields have been the training grounds where generations of youth have learned, played, cheered, won and lost many a game.

True to its motto, Welham Boys’ has grown into a full fledged institution, and today prepares boys for the C.B.S.E examination. It is a child friendly school which combines the best of traditions with a modern approach to learning.