Health Care

The School has a 20 bed hospital, an isolation ward with beds and a minor O.T. managed by a full time Resident Doctor, a trained nurse and a compounder. Facilities for nursing of ordinary ailments and accidents are available round the clock, as are the services of an ambulance. Growth and development of the children is monitored very closely, their diet is constantly reviewed and revised when necessary. Vaccinations and other prophylaxis are also administered in accordance with the National Health recommendations. Workshops on Health, Hygiene, Stress Management and Adolescence problems are conducted.

The Hospital also has a well-equipped Physiotherapy center which looks into all common Sports injuries. Regular fitness tests are conducted, including the ones before sending boys out on Mid-Term excursions. Welham Boys prides itself on providing state-of-the-art health care facilities to its students. Public Health in School is taken very seriously. Checking of Sanitation/Water Tanks/Kitchen Hygiene, etc, take place periodically.

During the vacation parents must have their son(s) examined by Specialists with particular reference to eyes, teeth, ear, nose and throat. Boys who wear spectacles must have two pairs and a copy of the Ophthalmologist/Optometrist’s prescription must be handed in at the School Hospital. Dental treatment and follow-up during the term is done through the School Hospital. No dental leave is entertained by the School.

Information regarding any infectious disease contracted, medical and surgical treatment carried out during the vacation must be given to the Housemaster /House mother and the School Doctor at the beginning of the term.

The admission of a boy to the School is on the understanding that his parents/guardian delegate his authority to the Principal during term time and that the boy is under the School Doctor’s supervision on matters of health. In an emergency, the School will endeavour to obtain parental permission for surgical treatment and anesthesia. However, often delay in obtaining such permission may prove fatal. Under such circumstances the School authorities reserve the right to authorize surgery and administration of an anesthesia. Fortunately, there is no dearth of good medical aid in Dehra Dun.